I just finished your new book, and it was WONDERFUL!  I always tell people that stories are my "lens to the world", and I can see that your world view is likely similar.  Obviously, I loved all the Sacred Harp parts of the story, but I also felt a powerful understanding of that part of the world and that time (over the decades.)
I've made more highlights in this book than any other I've ever read, and will be revisiting it often!

Mairye Bates



01/07/2017 3:52am


07/20/2017 12:32am

When a person writes their book, and tell us all things happened in their life their observations their experience their experiments which can be very useful for us we can learn with their experiences and can be aware with all things. This is good that one person communicates with whole world with a medium of writing.

08/25/2017 1:43am

The author is famous in wetting the books and now he finishes his book. Many peoples comes here to enjoy the event for book. Books are best to read in free time and infect it is best friend in our life.


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