I know some of the people written about in this book, and I have encountered the author many many times at Sacred Harp singings. So when the announcement came that his long-awaited book was available on Kindle, I sprained my fingers rushing to amazon.com to download it. I am *not* disappointed. Cobb says that he aims to write as if speaking and that is the perfect style for this kind of book. I can "hear" him as I am reading. I've long admired Cobb's skill at noticing and observing the people and activities around him. He then takes these noticings and observations and mixes in his storyteller's ability to put us right there with him. For those who were not privileged, as he was, to experience and encounter the people doing Sacred Harp in the 1970s to the present, Cobb has revealed who they were, what they were like, and why he (and now we) will never forget them.

K. E. Willard


01/16/2017 6:12am

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