I loved this book. Sacred Harp Music has a long history and is currently enjoying a resurgence of interest worldwide (it is like no other) .... Buell Cobb immersed himself in this genre starting in the '60 and has been active thru Cold Mountain until today..... from "The Heart of Dixie"... central Al. His clever writing introduced me to sacred sounds of the human voice as they reverberate thru small wooden churches... I was "claimed".  ...a trip well worth taking.

Lou65, Amazon review
I felt like I had some new best friends after reading Buell Cobb's descriptions of people he had met through Sacred Harp singing. He has an amazing talent for describing characters so that you feel that you have known them all of your life. Whether you can sing or want to sing, you will enjoy this book for the stories about the people.

Sandra Bowers, Amazon review