My mother, Myrl D. Jones, wanted me to convey to you her delight with your recent book. She considers it a very great honor to be a living resource for you and is very proud of her two pictures that are now ... because of your work ... included in Sacred Harp recorded history. In my opinion, there are very few things that could please her more. Thank you for finding her.

Deborah L. Wallace, daughter of 94-year-old Myrl Smith Jones, quoted and pictured in the book

Buell is clearly a storyteller at heart, and a very skilled one at that. The images he creates with his words are as vivid and entertaining as I’ve read in any similar work and his prose flows like a peaceful river filled with magic, inevitably drawing the reader under its spell. I can hardly imagine a more delightful and attractive combination of grace, insight, tenderness, sensitivity, humility, self-deprecation, and humor, along with a healthy dose of playfulness.

Wade Cotter,  review in the online publication The Trumpet (read the entire review at: